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I like to evoke feelings, passion and colorfulness in each and every photo I take, no matter the event or environment I’m in.

You can identify my photos because of high contrasts, vivid colors and you will also be able to percibe the feelings of that precise moment. 



You will receive a wooden box with your wedding logo, inside some printed photos and a pendrive with your high res photos & slideshow.

PS.: You may find a special surprise also. 



This is an example of the online gallery you will have access to:


What's your experience? 

I've worked in wedding photography since 2010

Where are you based?

In Mexico City

Do you shoot weddings outside Mexico City or other countries?

Yes of course! I love to travel!

Do you take all the photos by yourself?

No! I have an extraordinary second photographer (Maiko) who shares the passion of wedding photography.

When will we receive our photos?

I'll send you 10 to 20 photos the next day after the wedding and the rest a month later.

Can we sign a contract?

Yes, we can. I already have a contract ready for you. 

Do you need any payment to secure the date? How much?

Yes, 100 USD

Payment conditions?

We can negotiate on the number of payments but the 100% of the payment has to be covered before the wedding day. 

Do you do beauty corrections? 

No, couples in love aren naturally  beautiful.

Want to see more photos? 

Check out my wedding photos on instagram at:  @dano_hdz

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