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About Me


I’m a photographer who loves to capture happy couples, as a  wedding photographer my goal is to tell stories with my photos, for me one look is everything, you may call me a romantic but as a great song says, all you need is love. 


My camera, my music, my family and my friends are all the things I need, money comes and goes. My other passions are football and travel, as a football fan  I only support the best teams, like  Manchester United & Pumas. For my traveling is the perfect way to know people from other countries discover their traditions, religions and costumes. Another thing I enjoy is landscape photography, I can’t really express all the peace and serenity I feel when I’m alone listening to some music and getting the perfect shot. 


I’d love to be your wedding photographer, to contact me, please fill in the contact sheet, below.

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Phone: 55 9199 0098



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