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About Me


As a photographer I’ve been driven by destiny and I found my passion in it, I just love photography.


For me to be part of such a special day like wedding it makes me feel flattered and honored. I’ve been shooting weddings since 2010 and I have learning since the first wedding, you never stop learning about it. 


My goal it's for you to have great memories of that special day, the greatness of a photo is just an outcome of your happiness. 


Another part of me as a photographer is portrait photography I truly believe that every person has a unique expressions and ways to interact with the photographer. We all deserve a great portrait. 

Landscape & Wild Photography

One thing that keeps me eager to take my camera is landscape and wild photography, is just amazing how you can capture all the surroundings and the wilderness in it, sometime I even just let the moment pass through my eyes and be present in that moment, keeping the camera for the next one. 


I have a believe that in order to accomplish a great photo  you have to completely be in that place using all your senses. 

Expos and More

Plaza Santa Fé  

February 2023

Naturalezas Vivas                      

Junio 2023


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